We Are Underway

The sign-up has taken place, and we had more people join than I was expecting, which is wonderful!  The theme was announced and while a few people dropped off, we still have a great group who has begun to share their 10 or so picks.

The best part about this is the feedback and communal vibe going on with our group.  There is encouragement, the sharing of ideas, and learning for everyone.  To further our growth, we decided (as a group) to try a little “hack the photo” fun so we may learn and grow more by “showing” our thoughts and ideas more visually rather than just through a written critique.

This is proving to be a great bit of fun!

More updates soon to follow!

Beyond The Critique | What We Do

Beyond The Critique is a project spearheaded by +Shantha Marie Fountain to help artists and photographers build current and relevant portfolios for personal and professional use.

Everyone knows that a portfolio is where you put your best “completed” work, however, how do you know what your best work is?  How do you decide what to show a client?

It is simple.  You seek help with other experienced individuals and critique, edit, re-edit, and re-critique until you have your best possible pieces to add to your portfolio.  In other words, it is a process.

With this project, I am hoping that we can work together on a monthly sub-theme and produce mini-folios (to one day be a larger portfolio) to enhance our work and our skills.

1. At the end of each month, there will be a sign-up.
2. A circle will be created for everyone who signs up before the deadline.
3. This circle will be shared with all the participants just prior to the first of the month.
4. On the first of the month, there will be a post shared with the scenario or theme.  This will be the subject for the month.
5. It is time to find 20 shots.  These can be any shots produced within a 12 month period or something you shoot from scratch.
6. Over the span of the month, there will be closed events to share your pieces (specific amounts, etc. will be addressed once the invite goes out).
7.  As part of the project, you are encouraged to critique (provide constructive feedback) each other’s work.
8. Towards the end of the month, we will narrow down and get to a proper build of a 5- to 10-piece mini-folio.
9. As part of this project, your mini-folio will be shared with the G+ community and live “Beyond The Critique” blog.

Please note that this is a new idea and the processes may evolve as we grow.  Messages and posts will always go out if something is changed; do not fret!

The key to all this is to make us stronger and more knowledgeable at what we do, and become better artists – regardless of medium.

Photographers and other fine artists are welcome to join!

You can follow us on G+ at: http://plus.google.com/109218924705210376861/posts