We Are Underway

The sign-up has taken place, and we had more people join than I was expecting, which is wonderful!  The theme was announced and while a few people dropped off, we still have a great group who has begun to share their 10 or so picks.

The best part about this is the feedback and communal vibe going on with our group.  There is encouragement, the sharing of ideas, and learning for everyone.  To further our growth, we decided (as a group) to try a little “hack the photo” fun so we may learn and grow more by “showing” our thoughts and ideas more visually rather than just through a written critique.

This is proving to be a great bit of fun!

More updates soon to follow!


Inaugural First Session Sign-Up

The November/December session sign-up is open on the Google Plus page.  To sign up, navigate to Beyond The Critique, and simply post that you want to join – it is that simple.  The deadline for inclusion is Sunday, November 4, 2012.